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The DC Playground Crawl

DC playground

Happiness is sliding down to open arms.

Are you yearning for your college bar crawl days? Times may have changed but your thirst for a walking challenge doesn’t have to dry up. You just have to switch your glass to a reusable bottle and your drink of choice to water for this crawl. DC is sprawling with neighborhood playgrounds to let you plan the perfect outing. So strap on your walking shoes, grab your rugged jogging stroller, and head outdoors for a day of exploring in the nation’s capitol.

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By the Belly of the Baby

Our hiking family

Our hiking family.

Have you ever asked yourself where the phrase “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” comes from? I hadn’t given it much thought until recently when I discovered the answer.

It comes from when those men are 10-month old babies eating you out of house and home and wearing 2T size clothing.

Despite this information, we knowingly ventured out into the wild for a family hike. We packed the little guy’s belly full of breakfast, loaded the car up with all of the essentials — including the fabulous Aunt C who was visiting — and headed out to explore the Potomac Heritage Trail on a chilled fall morning.

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Hike 5: NOMA to the National Mall

Strolling along DC on a calm Friday evening.

Strolling along DC on a calm Friday evening.

Did you know DC has 127 named neighborhoods? That’s right, in 61.4 square miles you can transition neighborhoods about as often as you can cross the street. So for this hike, we decided to hit up a few of those locally acclaimed areas.

Due to weekend plans, and the desire to see two of my favorite 12-year-olds play baseball, we strapped the little guy into the Bob, covered it up with a mosquito net and ventured out on a Friday evening.

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Hike 4: Treat Yo Self

Sometimes the best hike is the one that doesn't happen.

Sometimes the best hike is the one that doesn’t happen.

The day rang with promise of being perfect. It wasn’t too hot, there was assurance of a beautiful sunset by the local weatherman on the morning news, and an opportunity to leave work on time for an evening hike around the famous DC monuments lifted me through my early morning routine.

Then, I left the house for work.

You know those days where nothing seems to go right? The metro is single-tracking, your big project goes sour, you forget to follow up with the boss about that thing you know you wrote down somewhere at that meeting you can only sort-of remember because you were up all night the previous evening with a fussy baby, and then coffee spills on the only dress that seems to fit right now … Yeah, that happened.  Continue reading

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