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From new parent, to seasoned vet?

At birth, the world is before in ways we could have never imagined. Photo taken by: Emily Goodstein

At birth, the world is before us in ways we could have never imagined. Photo taken by: Emily Goodstein

What a difference a year (or in this case 19 months!) makes. There are moments in life when you realize just how impactful that moment in time is, yet you have no way of truly understanding the full effect the changes that will come will have on you. For me, those moments have been leaving for college, graduating from college, marriage and the birth of my child. I’m sure more moments are to come, but for now, I’m reflecting on what has changed for me in that most recent significant moment. A reflection from my son’s birth to now…

New baby: Bundle him up, take diaper bag filled with every possible thing you could ever need, bring two back-up outfits, text everyone pictures of his outing.
One year later: Throw a diaper, and if I remember some wipes, in my purse and grab him as we run out the door because we’re late, take selfie of his food all over me when sitting at stop light.

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By the Belly of the Baby

Our hiking family

Our hiking family.

Have you ever asked yourself where the phrase “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” comes from? I hadn’t given it much thought until recently when I discovered the answer.

It comes from when those men are 10-month old babies eating you out of house and home and wearing 2T size clothing.

Despite this information, we knowingly ventured out into the wild for a family hike. We packed the little guy’s belly full of breakfast, loaded the car up with all of the essentials — including the fabulous Aunt C who was visiting — and headed out to explore the Potomac Heritage Trail on a chilled fall morning.

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Our Summer of Neighborhood Hikes

Heading out!

Heading out! See below for the complete set of summer neighborhood hikes.

As you may have noticed, our hiking routine has slowed way down over the last two months. It’s not for lack of trying, or a desire to be inside that we found ourselves limiting hikes to closer to the house (although with some 100+ degree days, our motivation did wane for the sake of AC), it’s an ever-changing lifestyle called being a family with a six-to-nine month old.

Shocking as it may seem, babies apparently change quite often during their first year. They take you from – “Look honey he’s sitting up on his own!” to “He’s so advanced he’s already crawling!” to “Why can’t we go back to when he stayed still and was fascinated by his own hand?”

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Hike 7: Great Falls Park

The whole gang is here!

The whole gang is here!

Our next hike is one we’ve repeated every summer since we first moved to the area. It’s located in Virginia about 35 minutes outside of the District and boasts multiple well-marked trails along the Potomac River.

The drive to Great Falls Park is beautiful so allow for the time to enjoy the rolling hills of Virginia – a real treat in the Fall when the leaves are changing color!

Dogs, humans and horses are permitted in the park so it’s a great place to bring the entire crew. For this reason, we had a special visitor tag along for the hike. One of my son’s absolute favorites – our dog!

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Hike 6: Manassas National Battlefield Park

Hiking through the rolling hills of Virginia along the historic path of Civil War soldiers.

Hiking through the rolling hills of Virginia along the historic path of Civil War soldiers. (More pics below the post.)

On this beautiful, slightly blustery Saturday morning we ventured about 35 minutes outside of DC to Prince William County, Virginia for a historic hike.

Manassas National Battlefield Park is home to two Civil War battles: Battle of First Manassas and Battle of Second Manassas, or [First/Second] Battle of Bull Run for southerners. Both battles ring of historic value, allowing for a hike laden with not only beautiful Virginia nature, but also educational opportunities.

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