My Story


Who am I? That is me, over there, to the left. Take a good look. I am her. And I love going … as in moving, being productive, getting things done. My husband calls it the TNT syndrome – “today, not tomorrow”. I write lists and actually follow them, I get up early and start going almost immediately, I am most happy when with my family and outdoors, and I am constantly looking for productive ways to contribute to both my life and others’. So here I am blogging about my new adventure of mom-hood. This isn’t just another blog about how being a mom is crazy, unorganized fun (although it totally is!), this is the answer to a lack of resources.

This blog is meant to help fill a void for all nature-loving moms and dads out there. You see I have this unimaginable idea that just because I have a baby – who is the most amazing thing ever to happen to me – doesn’t mean I have to stay indoors. It just means the process of getting outside has to adjust a little; OK it has to adjust a lot. What used to take five minutes, now takes 45 minutes. What used to be a quick hop on the bike, is now a trunk full of “just-in-cases”. But in the end it still means I get to continue enjoying nature and my son gets to learn just how amazing our beautiful world can be.


One thought on “My Story

  1. Haily says:

    Hi! I found out about your blog from my sister who works with you mom! I am a fellow blogger and I love adventures and hiking too. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. 🙂

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