Planes and Picnics

DC's secret park gem.

DC’s secret park gem.

Looking to get out of the city, but don’t want to go too far? Gravelly Point Park is just the place for you!

Just 400 feet from Reagan National Airport’s runway, this park boasts epic sights and sounds for both young and seasoned minds.

Depending on the direction of the wind that day, the planes will either take off or land over your head.

For this hike, we decided to do less hiking on a trail, and more running in circles on the field. We packed a picnic, complete with blanket and ball and camped out in the middle of the giant vibrantly green field. The park sits up against the water, but I would recommend staying clear of the rocks for obvious safety reasons.

4 strollers: The hike can easily be done with a standard stroller.

4 strollers: The hike can easily be done with a standard stroller.

There is ample room for running, kicking and kite flying so get ready to burn some energy.

You can access the park heading north on the GW Parkway (if you’re driving south, do a circle through the airport and head out north where you’ll hit the park almost immediately after existing). The parking is free for up to three hours so if you’re a runner or a biker, this is also a great starting point for a long run/ride with the little tyke.

There aren’t really any public facilities at this park, but there are porta-pottys, although, I recommend using those at your own risk.

Given our experience, I can safely say that this outing is sure to ignite a wonder in flying and love for air traffic.

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