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Planes and Picnics

DC's secret park gem.

DC’s secret park gem.

Looking to get out of the city, but don’t want to go too far? Gravelly Point Park is just the place for you!

Just 400 feet from Reagan National Airport’s runway, this park boasts epic sights and sounds for both young and seasoned minds.

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From new parent, to seasoned vet?

At birth, the world is before in ways we could have never imagined. Photo taken by: Emily Goodstein

At birth, the world is before us in ways we could have never imagined. Photo taken by: Emily Goodstein

What a difference a year (or in this case 19 months!) makes. There are moments in life when you realize just how impactful that moment in time is, yet you have no way of truly understanding the full effect the changes that will come¬†will have on you. For me, those moments have been leaving for college, graduating from college, marriage and the birth of my child. I’m sure more moments are to come, but for now, I’m reflecting on what has changed for me in that most recent significant moment. A reflection from my son’s birth to now…

New baby: Bundle him up, take diaper bag filled with every possible thing you could ever need, bring two back-up outfits, text everyone pictures of his outing.
One year later: Throw a diaper, and if I remember some wipes, in my purse and grab him as we run out the door because we’re late, take selfie of his food all over me when sitting at stop light.

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