Our Summer of Neighborhood Hikes

Heading out!

Heading out! See below for the complete set of summer neighborhood hikes.

As you may have noticed, our hiking routine has slowed way down over the last two months. It’s not for lack of trying, or a desire to be inside that we found ourselves limiting hikes to closer to the house (although with some 100+ degree days, our motivation did wane for the sake of AC), it’s an ever-changing lifestyle called being a family with a six-to-nine month old.

Shocking as it may seem, babies apparently change quite often during their first year. They take you from – “Look honey he’s sitting up on his own!” to “He’s so advanced he’s already crawling!” to “Why can’t we go back to when he stayed still and was fascinated by his own hand?”

Watching a tiny human grow is an amazing experience filled with wonder and awe, but it’s also draining. Whether you’re a parent who stays at home fulltime with your children, or you have a dual-income working household, things are exhausting as much as they are exhilarating.

I’m a human with the skill (and slight obsession) of running organized, well thought-out activities. I anticipate needs and plan for every incident. While I’m sure my son secretly appreciates that of me when he goes from happy to hangry in 30 seconds flat and I have emergency applesauce with me, he doesn’t seem to care much about it when it comes to planning the day. He has something in his head as to what he wants and has yet to figure out a way to communicate it with me in advance – something I’m guessing we’ll be working on for years to come in our mother-son relationship. So instead of fighting a much stronger than me person who happens to be 1/30th my age, I decided to just go with it.

Some weekends we missed a hike and others we opted for a play date hike around the neighborhood. We discovered new playground treasures, the fun of weekly pool trips, baseball games, friendly neighbors, and of course we found a little more of ourselves.

The little guy is having an amazing time with life and is teaching us more than we can ever hope to repay him. We are looking forward to a fall filled with new trails, but for now we are looking back fondly on our first summer journeying through parenthood.

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