Hike 5: NOMA to the National Mall

Strolling along DC on a calm Friday evening.

Strolling along DC on a calm Friday evening.

Did you know DC has 127 named neighborhoods? That’s right, in 61.4 square miles you can transition neighborhoods about as often as you can cross the street. So for this hike, we decided to hit up a few of those locally acclaimed areas.

Due to weekend plans, and the desire to see two of my favorite 12-year-olds play baseball, we strapped the little guy into the Bob, covered it up with a mosquito net and ventured out on a Friday evening.

4 strollers: The hike can easily be done with a standard stroller.

4 strollers: The hike can easily be done with a standard stroller.

For a DC street hike you can use any degree of stroller or body carrier but if it’s summertime in DC, I’d highly recommend a stroller to prevent overheating given the unavoidable transference of body heat when using a carrier.

This hike is also a good one to do a shorter variation of with those tikes who need to burn off some energy.  That’s because in any given one-mile radius, you should be able to find a playground!

On this hike, we walked from NOMA through the Atlas District to Hill East and then back to Lincoln Park down to Southwest and over to the Mall. With the exception of wanting to hit Hill East for a local little league game, we let the streets guide us through this hike. Turning when the lights were red and heading straight when they were green.

It’s not an exact science for DC hikes. Unless you have a landmark in mind, take your iPhone compass and head out with some adventure in mind.  Know that the Capitol building is at the center of the city so if you walk the loop around it, you’ll hit all four of the District’s quadrants, not to mention a great glute workout.

Not sure what time to head out? Go at dusk or dawn in the summertime and don’t wear headphones – you’ll want to hear traffic and passing runners! Other great times to do a DC city hike is around Christmas for a peaceful, light-filled, candle-in-windows walk; and then of course Halloween along East Capitol Street where you’ll be sure to see some of the best costumes and fun house décor.

A few more pics below!

Sunset at Lincoln Park.

Sunset at Lincoln Park.

Watching RJ's DC cousins play ball.

Watching the little guy’s DC cousins play ball.

The stroller bug net from Babies R Us is worth every penny of the $5-$7 you'll spend. Pick one up!

A stroller bug net is worth the $5.

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