Hike 4: Treat Yo Self

Sometimes the best hike is the one that doesn't happen.

Sometimes the best hike is the one that doesn’t happen.

The day rang with promise of being perfect. It wasn’t too hot, there was assurance of a beautiful sunset by the local weatherman on the morning news, and an opportunity to leave work on time for an evening hike around the famous DC monuments lifted me through my early morning routine.

Then, I left the house for work.

You know those days where nothing seems to go right? The metro is single-tracking, your big project goes sour, you forget to follow up with the boss about that thing you know you wrote down somewhere at that meeting you can only sort-of remember because you were up all night the previous evening with a fussy baby, and then coffee spills on the only dress that seems to fit right now … Yeah, that happened. 

Our perfect night for a hike around DC turned into our perfect night for a hike to get wine.

So this week, we forgo the usual outdoor adventure for some grownup medicine. It was a bumpy six-block neighborhood walk from our condo to Harris Teeter that night but nothing the trusty Bob can’t handle. Although for this hike, I can safely say any child-carrying apparatus would do. Even those little tikes who are just learning to walk could handle the trip.

And as DC streets often do, you’ll have plenty to see. From houses being flipped, to condos being built, it’s a young boy’s construction heaven – real life-size versions of their favorite Tonka trucks! Or, for the girliest of girls, there will inevitably be a slew of older women sitting on their porches waiting to come down to the sidewalk and dote on the adorable little lady so she can be ready to talk tea parties and dollies with the best of the best neighborhood grannies.

So go ahead, grab your glass, suit up for a leisurely stroll and get yourself a nice box of wine. It’s time to Treat Yo Self! Moms, dads, friends of moms and dads, you deserve it – always.

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2 thoughts on “Hike 4: Treat Yo Self

  1. Christine says:

    I think this was my favorite hike so far, haha!!

  2. martydlaska says:

    Sounds like the kind of hike I could handle! Hope things are smoother today. Thinking of you and RJ.

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